Polina Lesnikova

Product designer with a focus on research, design systems, and accessibility

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Tutors landing page for Foxford Case study

Foxford is the largest online school in Russia with over 7.5 million users. Over the past 1.5 years, I actively managed the landing page. I designed 2 global versions and conducted more than 8 experiments. These efforts resulted in significant improvements, with conversion rates increasing up by 0.4% and profitability increasing up by 12%.


Accessible color palette for Foxford Design system

I created an accessible color palette for the design system, incorporating tokens for both day and night themes. The palette was created in OKLCH using the Huetone tool.


MTS EGIS Case study

Led design, optimizing development time & costs through close dev collaboration. Drove entire process: interviews, prototypes, features, maintained design system. Did the biggest demo of internal products in company for 700 people.


MTS Erius Case study

Designed MVP for telecom equipment management system. Collected user stories, designed IDE, visual programming service, and scheduler. Initiated interviews, created prototypes, maintained design system. Launched MVP in 4 months.


MTS F1 app Case study

As the sole designer on the team, I designed the entire F1 app for engineers to repair cellular base station equipment. Conducted research, collected user stories, collaborated with stakeholders, created UI/UX, and worked closely with engineers. A test run reduced office calls by 20%, and the app won 1st place in an internal competition for process automation products.


Official Chelyabinsk trams map 2.0 Pet project

Collaborating with Sasha Karavaev and Ilya Birman, I updated Chelyabinsk's tram network map. As the main designer, I addressed issues from the initial version, simplified the diagram, adapted it for smaller formats, and conducted passenger testing. The map is now displayed in every tram in Chelyabinsk.